Hometown: Memphis, TN

Instagram Handle: @minimarie_fit

Twitter Handle: @minimarie_fit

Facebook: pitperformance727

Ann-Marie Hamrick, M.S. is a Certified Health Coach, Pn1, L2 CrossFit Coach, dog mom and a proud army wife. My goal is to educate and teach people to make maintainable lifestyle changes in order for them to grow stronger, healthier and happier. I grew up as an competitive Hunter/Jumper horseback rider. So being outdoors has been my life as long as I can remember. I was LITERALLY raised in a barn. Although I am not riding frequently, I still thrive outdoors. You can usually find me running trails with my dogs!

Why Skout: I’m always on the go and I’m need of road trip snacks!

Favorite sport: CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Horseback Riding

Favorite product: ALL of the protein bars and the Texas Chili Seeds. I am always on the go and traveling. I LOVE the taste and the ingredients! 

2018 Accomplishments:

  • Featured in Women's Health Mag

  • Competed in first NPC BodyBuilding competition

  • Finished my first eCookbook

  • First FULL year of owning my own online health and fitness business,

    2019 goals

  • Place in NPC Bodybuilding competition

  • Help 20 more people learn to love and appreciate their bodies!