Angelica Lohr


I grew up as the “smart, awkward kid”, who never played sports and was painfully shy.  Eventually, I found my voice-- and in my 30s, my love of adventure. I started running at age 30, and ran my first ultramarathon at 36-- I was in love! For me, pushing the distance of what I perceived to be possible opened up my mind in new ways.  I realized that the human spirit is an indomitable force-- we are truly limitless in our potential. Running has empowered so many other areas of my life as well, from personal to professional pursuits. 

I love adventuring in all types of activities and places with my husband of nearly 20 years, who is my fitness partner.  Together, we motivate each other and love to travel the world. I have 2 teenage sons, and when I’m not adventuring, I’m a philosophy professor and academic manager at a university. 


Fav sport/activity:

Who can choose just one??? My ultimate love is ultra-running-- but I also spend lots of time kayaking, hiking, cycling, climbing, yoga,  and practicing martial arts. 

2018 Accomplishments:

31 mile “day hike” in CA’s Sierra Nevada mountains, earning my 2nd stripe in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, summiting Mt. Saint Helens, practicing yoga atop castle ruins in rural Switzerland, fastpacking Scotland’s 104-mile West Highland Way in 4 days, completing my first two obstacle course races,  

2019 Goals:

Recently biked Oregon’s notorious Mckenzie Pass, and just completed a 40-mile night run for my 40th birthday.  Goals this year include a late fall ultra, hiking munras in the Scottish Highlands and Spanish Pyrenees, sending our oldest kid off to college,  practicing yoga every single day, and turning my bedroom into a giant replica 13th century Scottish castle.