Hometown: Barre, VT

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Instagram Handle: drea1533

My name is Andrea Yacavoni and I'm 26 years old. I grew up in a small town called Barre, Vermont, where I was extremely active in my community and my high school athletics. I played soccer, basketball, softball and was also a dancer throughout my youth. I moved to New Hampshire in 2011 where I attended the University of New Hampshire and received my Masters in Accounting. Although I was not a collegiate level athlete, that didn't stop me from participating in all of the intramural sports! I now live in beautiful Portsmouth, NH and spend most of my summertime at the beach. I love watching all the surfers take on the waves year round and I hope that one day I can take on that challenge for myself! I think my current life motto is that I will try any adventure at least once! 

Why Skout: Skout bars are perfect for me because I’m always on the go for work and my other activities. I know exactly what is going into my body and they are absolutely delicious! These are the best energy bars I’ve ever had and all the flavors are amazing.

Fav. Product: Back in the fall I participated in a nutrition challenge through Pure Barre that was all about fueling your body. During our seminars I learned about all the nonsense ingredients that get added to a lot of foods that I honestly had no knowledge of! I am constantly on the go between my work and my nightly activities, so granola bars and energy bars have always been my go-to quick grab snack. Who knew that those bars could have so much added sugars! I learned to read labels and to pay more attention to the food I was putting in my body. This is when I was introduced to Skout bars for the first time and I was instantly obsessed! 4-5 ingredients per bar, no added sugars, plant-based, great protein, AND they taste amazing!? What could be better than that!

I've been able to try most of the bars at this point and my two favorites are the Peruvian Chocolate Coconut energy bar and the Coconut Almond Protein bar. They give me the energy I need before or after my barre class or other activity and they taste so great it feels like I'm cheating on my nutrition plan! I also really enjoy the salt and vinegar pumpkin seeds and they are so easy to snack on while working!

Fav. Activity: My favorite activity on a daily basis is barre. I spend the majority of my nights after work at my local Pure Barre studio where I've met an incredible group of women that inspire me to become a better version of myself every day. Since I joined the studio in 2017, I have not only become physically stronger but also mentally stronger. Taking these classes have also pushed me to be healthier in the kitchen, which has had so many positive impacts on my life. I've gone through many life changes, as we all do, and I truly thank Pure Barre for being my one consistent happy place! 

Outside of barre I really enjoy spending time outdoors. I love hiking during fall foliage season, especially when I get the chance to visit my favorite Vermont mountain, Camel's Hump (pictures attached). I spend most of my summertime days at the beach or near the water where I can swim and do water sports! I also participate in organized sports like softball and indoor soccer. Although I have never been a distance runner, I just signed up for my first half marathon for this spring so I have also been actively training for that!

2018 Accomplishments:

My first big accomplishment in 2018 would be hitting my 100th Pure Barre class back in April! The studio celebrates all milestones by allowing you to sign the barre for your accomplishment! I worked really hard and hit my 250th barre class in October and I am currently working towards my 500th class!

Another huge accomplishment for me was learning the importance of a healthy diet. Since I have paid more attention to what I put in my body, I feel better, more energized and even my skin looks better! Don't get me wrong, I can never say no to a great pasta dinner or pizza (I am Italian!), but I have learned how to find a balance. 

A challenge that a lot of my friends and coworkers have is to complete the 48 4000-footers in New Hampshire! This past fall, I completed my first, but I am going to make it a goal to get as many as I can for 2019!

2019 Goals:

My first upcoming goal of 2019 is to run my first half marathon. I have struggled with asthma all my life, so this has seemed nearly impossible for me. I have received some really awesome training advice from friends who are big runners and have also gotten a lot of support to help me get through. To me, 13 miles seems pretty scary, but I'm hoping someday I might make it to the full 26!

Another goal is to take my 500th barre class, which I can hopefully reach by the fall!

Since I have felt successful in creating a more balanced diet for myself, I hope to stick with that for 2019. I am trying to keep away from processed foods and foods with a ton of added sugars. Thank you, Skout bars!

I would really love to learn to surf on the east coast! I have tried surfing once in Hawaii, but it is something I have always wanted to pick up!

I am going to continue to chip away at the NH 4000 footers - this is definitely a long term goal! 

My last goal is to travel more!