Hometown: Bend, OR

Instagram Handle: @alyssasalava

Instagram Handle: @dralyssasalava

Facebook: alyssa.salava

“I have a passion to push my mind and body to their full potentials in all the activities I do. When I am not working as a Chiropractor you can find me outside with my dog ZigZag. I am my happiest and best self when I am exploring outside weather that is when I am trail running, backpacking, skiing or rock climbing.”

Why Skout: They use simple whole food healthy ingredients that not only taste great but are also great at refueling your body during long days outside adventuring!

Fav. Product: I love the apple cinnamon and the blueberry almond energy bars and the Pink Himalayan Sea Salt pumpkin seeds. They are my favorite because they taste great, they are organic and they have amazing ingredients that are great for fueling your body during adventures!

2018 Accomplishments:

  • First 50 mile race in Squamish

  • A couple 50ks

  • Climbed a couple local mountains on my bucket list!