"I am motivated by a desire to learn, grow, to explore beautiful and wild places, and to see how far I can push myself, physically as well as mentally.  These moments, when I’m in the wild or when I’m at my limit, are when I feel most alive and most myself.  I am utterly present in the moment, alert and awake, and I am exactly who I am — I can’t fake my way through a moment of truth.  The learning and growth happens in that moment sometimes, and sometimes it comes from self-reflection after a particular moment has passed.

My favorite outdoor activities are ski mountaineering, long distance trail running, and climbing.  These are all exceptionally fun ways to explore the mountains and get different perspectives that you don’t get from one activity on its own.

I choose Skout Backcountry to fuel my adventures because first, Skout bars and pumpkin seeds taste great.  When I'm pushing body, it can be hard to eat and sometimes I lose my appetite however, of course I don't want to bonk and I know I need to eat.  Skout bars always appeal and I know that I'm putting simple, nourishing, organic ingredients in my body.  It makes them an easy choice to always keep in my pack."