Hometown: Dover, NH

Instagram Handle: Knits_and_purrs

“A UNH Wildcat at heart. Abby is always on-the-go between her career as a CPA, teaching knitting and supporting our local troops with handmade items or heading to the barre for a sweat session.

Why Skout:  I'm always on the move. I love that I always have a tasty, satisfying bar to snack on, regardless of what I'm doing.

Fav. product:  I LOVE the Peruvian Chocolate bars! Hands down! I always have a few in my bag, for when I get a chocolate craving. These satisfy without putting me at the candy dish.

2018 Accomplishments: I took my 250th class at Pure Barre, started an exciting new job, and purchased my first hybrid vehicle. At the beginning of the year, I started a fiber collective called Sweet Stitches. This is a group of knitters, crochet artists, and other crafters, located at a local retirement home. We have partnered with the Pease Greeters to provide warm hats and scarves to our troops overseas.

2019 goals: I've set lots of personal and professional goals. In my personal life, I would like to take my 500th Pure Barre class by July 2019. I would also like to continue my healthy eating journey. When I eat better, I feel better, so I'm excited to keep this going. I would also like to teach more folks on the Seacoast to knit and spread the therapeutic effects of the craft. Professionally,  I am excited for another tax season. This year has many changes, so I am excited for the challenge.